Monday, August 14, 2006

Dance of the Fireflies

Acrylic on Canvas

Healing WaterSpot

Acrylic Venetian Plaster on Canvas
Release at last...crystal prism vistas,
rise up through Baptismal waters.
Embrace...with pierced gaze
swim arrow staight into the heart of it.
Healing Waterspot
Tossed....jagged bottles glass...shards, smooth ground under life tides,

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Morning Glory

I shall gather up all feelings
and pieces of me. them gently
each evening
in tender folds of morning glories.
til touched by that light
which can set them free.

One Thousand Fallen Dreams #1

Acrylic Venetian Plaster Found Objects on Canvas

i watched the leaves fall like tears....a thousand brilliant broken dreams.

...poetic leaves


from tender branches.


by a breeze.

...fractured text

Acrylic Venetian Plaster Pencil Found Material on Canvas

Fabric of Life: torn...worn thread bare

Acrylic Venetian Plaster CheeseCloth on Canvas
36" X 48"
...our lives are like a piece of fabric
worn through by tests and trials
til over time
they become thread bare
begin to fall apart and disintegrate
eventual dust in the wind.
process: cheesecloth painted into canvas
once dry it is ripped off leaving torn fragments behind
background sky and clouds painted in
life's fabric overpainted

Digital Sketch: Heart Matters


...what is it about timing...TIMING!! everything just timing?

and what of follow your heart...and to yours be true?

U did...and she as well, and they do...and i have tried.

...missed connections.

just brushstrokes and broken texts,

place yours here...and others there.

is it just timing

that our silent heartsounds go unheard?

...vantage point

Today I stood in bitter cold.
Watched the sun bleed crimson flame
into a frigid sea
...just imagine all that warmth
melting into it.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Conceptual Sketch

This is one of the original concept sketches for the painting posted previously. It centers around the sense of loss resulting from the inability to communicate with my mother after she developed Alzheimers.

I was going through a particularly difficult time personally, and longed to be able to have just one more mother daughter conversation with her...a mother's perspective and advice.

The womb shaped vacant, representing birth...nurturing...motherhood. It is intersected by a single flat line...the loss of activity and no longer able to communicate. The two bold black strokes represent the barriers that have now come between us.

To the right in the painting is a sphere of colour which falls away to dust...the sphere representing all the energy, thoughts and questions in my head.... longing to be able to talk things over just once more. The light in the surrounding blue skies, and the tiny cross sitting at the end of the line, show her growing ever closer to her final destination.

Lost Connections

Friday, August 04, 2006

Tuscany Cloudburst on Sunflower Fields

Acrylic and Venetian Plaster on Canvas

The inspiration for this piece came after seeing the opening credits from a movie last summer. The camera shot from high atop a hill overlooking a field of sunflowers. From a distance the flowers appeared as one solid brushstroke of yellow. It was not until the camera zoomed in that it became apparent what lay in the field below. The clouds hung low, suspended in mid imagination captured the shower and imagines the rainbow that was to follow.

Garden Party

Acrylic on Canvas 16" X 20"

...i was invited to a garden party

...the air, crisp apple fresh

...soft carousel breezes spin me round

heaven pours her palette

corals pinks and green

to dance

upon the sound of blue


Acrylic and Venetian Plaster on canvas.
24" X 36"
"so...where is your home?" he asked.
...with a smile i replied,
" know home is just that dream space inside my head.
the quiet place where thoughts and feelings
blow fresh breeze free,
...and you already have clear direction"